"After doing lots of research we were desperate to get a Burmese kitten. When I put in an enquiry with Berkshire Burmese, what really impressed me was that Hayley called me to have a chat about our requirements and get a feel for the sort of people we were as she really cared about ensuring that we had the right intentions and that their kittens would be going to a good home. Once our name was on the list, we got regular updates on how their queens, Lily, and Ivy, were doing and when they would be expecting their litters. When the kittens were finally born, I managed to reserve the last one and when I went to meet him fell in love with him instantly! What I loved as well was how friendly Lily and Ivy were. As soon as I walked in, they both came over for cuddles. Since we took Bob home, over a year ago, he is grown into the most loveable playful cat and we cannot imagine our lives without him! Hayley and Rob have asked for updates along the way so they can see how the cats have settled into their homes and they said we could contact them whenever we needed for information or advice. The experience from start to finish has been great and it has been important to us to get a cat from a breeder that really cares!"


Owner of Bob

"We absolutely adore our pair of Burmese sisters and cannot now imagine life without them! Whilst we were waiting for them to arrive, Rob and Hayley were great at keeping in touch and letting us know how they were getting on, including sending us photos. It is obvious how much they care for and love their cats and kittens, and when our 2 arrived at home with us they were both confident and settled almost straight away. They were already litter trained and were very unfussy eaters, and it was great to be given a kitten pack with some of the food and litter they were used to, to get us started. I highly recommend Berkshire Burmese and their beautiful kittens."


Owner of Luna & Bella


"Buying a kitten during lockdown, we were expecting the experience to be weird, and were quite worried about buying a kitten who we had never met, especially as Burmese are known for their personalities! From our initial enquiry right through to the day we picked up Nala and since then, Rob and Hayley have been great. With lockdown, we were unable to meet Nala until the day we picked her up, but they really helped us get to know her - we had regular video calls, photos and email updates, right the way through. Nala is not just a beautiful kitten, she is super friendly, well adjusted - which reflects the way she was raised.

Thank you, Rob, and Hayley."

Vicki & Brain

Owners of Nala

"Rob and Hayley provided wonderful updates about the growth and personality of out kitten throughout lockdown even though we could not visit. By the time we collected him, Leo was incredibly well socialised and the friendliest Burmese kitten you could imagine. I cannot praise their care highly enough."


Owner of Leo


"It was such fun and extremely exciting meeting all the kittens and their mums. Rob & Hayley who were so nice and helpful! We could not be happier with our two cats (obviously the best)!"

Sarah & Eamonn

Owners of Yoyo & Zigzag


"Wilson is an energetic little boy who is into everything and we love him for it.

The whole process of adding him to our family was smooth, easy, and well organised. We were kept well informed at all stages and the required paperwork was professionally organised. Although we were unable to visit due to COVID-19 19 we had regular video calls and was able to watch Wilson's development. When we collected him, everything was ready, and the transfer was carried out safely under COVID-19 restrictions.

Best wishes"

Helen & Mervyn

Owners of Wilson

'Thank you so much to Hayley and Rob for my beautiful Burmese cat Winston. The whole service was completely professional and friendly from start to finish. Hayley and Rob know everything there is to know about Burmese cats and were always on hand to answer any questions. The care package they provide with each kitten is an excellent starting point for a new family. The kittens are really well looked after and cared for, I couldn't ask for a more loving, entertaining and beautiful cat! I can't wait to get another one!'


Owner of Winston


"We brought our beautiful kittens home in December . We are absolutely smitten with them. This is our first time having Burmese and they are such a loving breed. They have lots of energy, are so affectionate and love playing fetch. Hayley could not have been more helpful and was often sending pictures and updates on how they were getting on. When we went to meet the kittens she spent lots of time with us and we felt confident that Hayley and Rob were great breeders. It was clear that all the cats and kittens are loved very much"


Owner of Rocco & Holly

"From the moment I heard back from Berkshire Burmese, I knew that we had made the right decision. Despite lock down and the fact we could not see Our beautiful cream Burmese 'Otis', it felt like we knew him with all the videos, photos and communication. Otis has won the hearts of all the family including our 6-year-old Blue Burmese!! A handsome affectionate kitten/cat who loves to be with you, play fetch and lounge about on your shoulders!!"


Owner of Otis


"Our kittens were born during lockdown but due to Hayley's very patient, long video calls where she played with them, and let us watch the family grow, we felt we knew them already. We were fortunate to go and see them in person a couple of weeks before they came home and meet their siblings and mums and see how friendly and playful they were together.Vinnie and Bel slotted straight into our family and were confident and inquisitive from the moment we got them home. They are such wonderful characters, affectionate and, in the case of Vinnie, hit daily by overwhelming bursts of love that he showers us with.Hayley and Rob are so friendly and clearly love their Burmese family and we coudn't be happier with our lovely babies"

Jonathan & Natalia

Owner of Vinnie & Bel


"I am so glad that I found Hayley and my little furry bundle of love, Bingley. From the moment I first visited him and his litter, I knew that he would be friendly, healthy and full of love. Hayley was so helpful and knowledgeable throughout the experience, plus her love for Burmese cats is clear. Bingley is so comfortable around people and affectionate which I attribute to the excellent start in life which Hayley gave him."


Owner of Bingley 


"Our two kittens, Luka and Ollie, were products of the lockdown era. But this wasn't an issue due to the excellent communication from Hayley. She guided us through the process and provided regular video updates. We visited once, when legally able to, and confirm that Berkshire Burmese were the right choice for us. The kittens were brought into this world in a loving homely environment - it didn't feel like a commercial cat breeding business. Both kittens were delivered to us well-adjusted and friendly to all human interlopers. And inquisitive - into everything!! One year on they are strong heathy boisterous teenagers and provide us with much entertainment and pleasure. They are inseparable and did we mention - Still into everything!"

Andy & Julia

Owners of Luka and Ollie