Kitten FAQs

Are your cats and kittens registered?

  • Our cats and kittens are registered with the GCCF. Details of the pedigree can be found on this website but we will supply you with the full pedigree upon request and when you visit. 

What do I receive when I buy a kitten?

  • 5 weeks free pet insurance;
  • A copy of the Sire's and Dam's pedigree certificates;
  • A copy of the mating certificate; 
  • Full vaccinations (Flu & Enteritis only);
  • Your kitten's registration documents (originals ); 
  • A handover kit - a few toys, food they will be used to and litter they will have been using);
  • A document confirming proof of payment/ownership;
  • Your lovely new kitten(s).

When can I pick up my kitten?

  • You may collect your kitten as early as 13 weeks old. This is the appropriate time to allow the kitten to develop appropriately and wean off their mum. 

Indoors or outdoors?

  • We are strong advocates for indoor but it is dependent on your circumstances. We breed our cats, therefore, due to the interaction with other cats in an uncontrolled environment, health and safety risks we keep our cats indoors.  To compensate we ensure our cats have plenty of regular and varying stimulation and interactions to keep them happy and healthy. 

Are Burmese good with children?

  • Our queens and kittens are well socialised and used to being handled and have been brought up around children.

What are those marks on the kittens/cats faces?

  • Burmese cats have a 'mask', this is a unique marking to each cat. It varies in the pronouncement by each cat - it can be (not always) quite noticeable in some of the brown and chocolate colours. We personally think they look lovely and adds to the unique charm of each cat.

Anything else?

  • Please get in contact. We really are friendly and happy to help no matter what your enquiry.