Life With A Burmese,

A Unique and unforgettable adventure 

Owning a Burmese is a unique and unforgettable adventure not like any other. Your Burmese cat becomes an integral part of your home and family. A Burmese cat has as much personality as the members of the household it is joining. Each Burmese is truly unique, loyal, playful and shows absolute affection - which it retains from being a tiny kitten to full maturity. 

Burmese are intensely social animals. The need of Burmese cats for human company is immensely flattering and good for the ego. These qualities of temperament and character are allied to a sophisticated beauty.

It is not uncommon for Burmese cats to be described as having 'dog like' loyalty, following you around your home - most will even teach themselves to play fetch!

The Burmese is a strong, athletic and an elegant cat which is distinctive and quite individual to the breed. It has a close, even coat with a glossy, almost polished quality.

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