Stud FAQs

How do you know if they have successfully mated?

  • We both work from home so we are able to regularly check up on the studs and their companions.  

How long will my queen be with you?

  • It depends mostly on the queen and whether she has come off season. The aim is to ensure the queen and stud are both comfortable and to provide a non-rushed service to ensure the queen is well mated before returning home.

What happens when they have mated?

  • We would wait for your queen to be mated a number of times over at least several days as cats are induced ovulators i.e. the act of mating causes them to ovulate. It is therefore important for repeated mating to ensure pregnancy. As experienced breeders we will use our judgement and not rush the service for you.

Do you let anyone mate with your stud?

  • No, certainly not. We have restrictions this being:
  • Available to suitable queens on the active register or registered active with another organisation.
  • Snap test required for FeLV/FIV or up to vacation medical provided; and
  • Progeny to be registered on Non-Active register (unless prior written consent is given).

Are your studs always in their stud house?

  • No. Our studs are part of our family and were chosen for their temperament in addition to the pedigree. Our studs are all well handled and super affectionate so make great household pets and more often than not in the house when they're without a companion. 

May you describe the stud quarters?

  • The two stud quarters are inside a secure brick structure - to provide greater protection from the elements and added security. The enclosures within are made of brick and wood which are approx. 2m wide by 2.5m long split over 2-3 levels. They have a runway along the length of the enclosure along with a private space accessed via a cat flap fitted with a large, heated bed. The floor is made of an insulated and waterproof material to help us keep the area warmer and clean - the subfloor is made of concrete. Wooden structural supports have been wrapped in a high-quality durable sisal rope to act as large scratching posts. The internal wooden cladding has been treated to be water and mould resistant. The roof is a mould and damp resistant plasterboard. The entire area has been decorated with a pet friendly paint. 

Do you have a queen's quarters?

  • Yes. We have a moveable queen quarters that we may use should it be in the interest of the queen or stud. 

Anything else?

  • Please get in contact. We really are friendly and happy to help no matter what your enquiry.